We bring people together to find out what those of different faiths think and believe and how it affects how they relate to the world. We look for common beliefs, and explore the differences. We don't avoid the hard issues: terrorism & jihad, oppression of women & human rights, colonialism and beyond. Understanding does not necessarily lead to agreement, but it does lessen fear and hatred.

Meet Qur'an School Students

Find out what current students are learning and how they apply it to today's issues. Morocco is also teaching sub-Saharan African Muslim leaders.

Discussion with an Imam

Engage in honest conversation with an Imam and find out what they consider the pressing issues of today. Learn more about Morocco's form of Islam and what the qur'an says about various subjects.

Meet Christians Living in Morocco

Catholic nuns, expats, and other Christians will talk with us about what it is like being Christian in a Muslim country. 

Jewish Past and Present in Morocco

Visit the only Jewish history museum in the Arab world, as well as synagogues and cemeteries. Meet Moroccan Jews and learn about Morocco's long Jewish past and present. 

Mystical Morocco

Come and discover some of Morocco's indigenous beliefs, as well as aspects of day-to-day life which are not related to Islamic teaching. Morocco is full of surprises!

Women and Islam

Address one of the strongest stereotypes about Islam by speaking with Moroccan women about their experience as Muslims. Learn about the Moudawana, the Moroccan Family Code.


What are our clients are saying about us?


What are our clients are saying about us?


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