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Trips designed just for you

At I, Like You, Tours, we like to think we can create an itinerary for anyone. In addition to our numerous 'standard' itineraries,  which are tried and tested, we can create a custom itinerary with a focus on almost anything. We've done fashion trips, comparative health studies, human rights issues...We've done hiking trips, can offer birding trips, we've seen Barbary Apes...We've taken families with children, adults, students. We are happy to do inter-faith dialogue. We can help couples or groups of 40 people, but we try to make sure all trips are interactive, fun, safe and educational. Travel is a great teacher!

Testimonies and Feedback

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I loved having such a diverse and authentic experience of Morocco. It was great to meet locals and really learn the culture.

I absolutely loved all of the itinerary. I loved having the experience of being in both urban and rural places. Everything was amazing.

I have never experienced anything like this. The culture, the people, and the landscape. Everything was amazing and eye-opening.

I like that each day was a different city with a unique Moroccan experience. The Hamams were really cool, and the conversation with the immigrants was eye-opening. Also, loved all the food!