I, Like You, Tours

Mission Statement

The goal of I, Like You, Tours is bringing people together. By bringing people together, understanding can be increased and fear diminished. Travel can be a great educator and I, Like You, Tours will endeavor to offer travelers experiences of not just learning about culture, but immersing oneself in a different culture. Travelers will learn about sites, history, the environment, etc, but will also interact with local people to help increase connection. I, Like You, Tours will offer cross-cultural educational experiences in out-of-the-way places. I, Like You, Tours will do this by:

  • Home visits and homestays
  • Walks and talks with local people
  • Hiring professors and specialists to address specific topics
  • Utilizing the services of locally-run restaurants and hotels
  • Using official guides in tourist areas
  • Keeping group sizes small to increase interaction
  • Encouraging people to leave their comfort zones while remaining safe

In Morocco, we learned that the Quran states:

"O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another."

It is the goal of I, Like You, Tours to bring people together so that they might know each other.

Let us open doors to new sights, sites & insights

Let's have fun exploring together! We learn new things on every activity. We laugh and we're surprised, sometimes shocked, and we return glad we went.

Meet People You Will Never Forget

Going someplace new is meeting its people leaves an impact on you that you will never forget.


Allen Hoppes

Founder & chef d'équipe

Someone once pointed out to me that I am happy when I am moving and she was right. I've traveled to 40 countries and embrace travel as a great teacher. My hope is to share my love of travel with others, while creating greater understanding among people. I'm married to Adela, I live in Madeira, I enjoy World Music festivals, and I enjoy bringing people together. I, Like You, Tours allows me to earn a living doing something I love and I hope that love shows.

Nelson da Silva

Group Leader

I was born in Venezuela, the son of Madeiran parents. From a very young age, approximately when I was 10, I visited Madeira at least 5 times on vacations with my parents. I always knew I wanted to live there. So, for almost 7 years, I have made this Pearl of the Atlantic my new home. My hobby has always been cars and motor sports, but it is definitely the constant contact with nature that I am passionate about, and I have chosen the ideal place for this.


Group Leader

I am from Tangier, a charming city that taught me to look for and appreciate the beauty in life. I study English literature and because I strongly believe that no single approach is the right one for every individual, I have been doing different kinds of work. When I met Allen, he told that the most important things in what he is doing are authenticity and integrity and I happen to have them both. That is what made me go forward with this job and I have been very passionate about it since then. I hope to share my passion for Morocco with visitors.

Bachir Ben Hamza

Digital strategist

Bachir is a Moroccan native and currently lives in Washington DC, which brings a valuable perspective to our work. Additionally, his business experience and marketing knowledge are indispensable for our operations since he redesigned and built our website while running all of our marketing operations.

Latifa Asselouf

Tour Guide

Latifa's name doesn't mean hummingbird, but it should. She hardly ever stops. As one of only four certified female mountain guides in Morocco, Latifa organizes visits & activities for us in Amizmiz & also takes us hiking. She is our key to the High Atlas Mountains.